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This page contains a few features and tools that I built up as a hobby. Up to now, the first (and only) feature is a tool to sum up all my rewards from the service pool.cakedefi.com for my tax report.
Maybe it helps you as well... So please take a look around. Feedback is always welcome!

Calculating rewards from pool.cakedefi.com

The only thing you have to do, is to drop your csv-Files to the drop-Zone. Options:
1. Staking Report (Shows all rewards with amount and FIAT value)
2. Cointracker Report (Generates a report to import on your favorite Cointracker)

The prices are added on a daily basis from the coingecko-API

Although I´ve tested a lot, there may still be some bug, so use at your own risk! 😉

User manual:
For Staking Report:
1. Drop file or files
2. Configure report (Report year, FIAT value)
3. Generate
4. Download (optional --> downloads the csv file with FIAT-prices)
Cointracker Reports:
1. Drop files (all files needed to detect correct coin swaps on cake!)
2.Configure report (Which Tool, Report year, Grouping [of reward entries])

I would be happy if you use my CAKE, Cointracking or Accointing or Cryptotax Ref.-Links 😊
Of course you can send me DFI-Token as well (see below)

Drop your files here or just click...

Staking Report

Cointracker Reports

About me

Hey there, my name is Marcus and this is my Web-Page. A couple of weeks ago, I started to learn web development with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. So on this sites I try to enhance my skills 😎.